Introducing commissioned work from your very own photos
by artist Matt Suess.

You can now have your favorite photo - the one you took while on vacation, the one of your restored car, or the one you happened to take when the light was perfect in your own backyard - and have them "Suessified" and enhanced by me in my digital darkroom and printed on your choice of fine art canvas or striking aluminum.

Imagine how great it would have been if you could have had one of your favorite personal photos printed for you by an expert & master such as Ansel Adams or other favorite fine art photographer. The quality of the print and attention to detail would be unlike anything you could do on your own and the resulting piece would be priceless!!

Above shows a typical photo in need of some enhancement. I photographed this with a cloudless sky in the middle of the day - not the best time for good light and good photos...

...And here is the final version. I added some clouds to the boring sky, brought out all of the color and detail in the truck and barn, and gave it a much more pleasing and artful look.

Now you can have me creatively enhance, optimize, and perfect your own photos. I will then have them printed on canvas or aluminum and shipped to you free of charge using the same labs I use for my own fine art photography.

I have been working in a digital darkroom since the mid 1990's and can do wonders with your own photos. Let one of the only established full-time fine art photographers in the U.S. offering photo commissions from your own photos create a piece of art for you. Contact me now with your commission ideas!

The base price for commission work from your photographs is as follows. Note that the base price is for standard image enhancing. If major work such as removing or adding items is needed additional fees may be necessary and will be discussed during our initial consultation.


Price is based on amount of work needed and size printed. Price is the same for canvas or aluminum.

12" x 18" Starting at $650
16" x 24" Starting at $850
20" x 30" Starting at $1,000
24" x 36" Starting at $1,300
30" x 45" Starting at $1,500

SAVE 15% during Launch Special now through September 7th.

Note that prices are base prices and may increase based on work needed. Sizes listed are typical of many 35mm based cameras and may not fit the dimensions of your image exactly. In that case I will suggest specific sizes that may be different than those listed here during our initial consultation.

Contact me now for a free consultation and estimate.
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Frequently asked questions:

Does the image have to be from a fancy camera? Not necessarily. Generally speaking the higher the megapixel camera used the better the results and the larger the image can be printed - yet great results can be had with even the iPhone 4 and especially iPhone 5 camera. During the initial consultation I will give my suggestions as to how large the photo can be printed before undesirable artifacts start to appear. Whereas a photo from an iPhone can usually be printed up to 20" x 30", an image from a 20 megapixel camera should be able to be printed up to 30"x45".

I like my photo but would love to have some nice clouds added to the scene - is this possible? Absolutely! I am building a database of cloud and sky images that can be added to many different photo scenes.

Can you add or remove objects from my photo? For the most part yes - during our initial consultation I will tell you exactly what I can add/remove from your specific image.

I want to have a commission done but haven't taken the photo yet - any tips on how to shoot my car (or home, motorcycle, boat, etc.)? For starters use a tripod or steady brace when photographing. Make sure your exposure is right on and the lighting is decent. Frame the photo as close as possible to how you want the photo to look - if I have to crop in a bit it will lower the overall size I can print the image. Use a cable release or self timer when taking the photo. If you know how to bracket your exposures that would be great! Use the lowest ISO setting possible and shoot in RAW if your camera allows it.

Describe the entire process - from me sending you the photo to when it is finished. First contact me with your request. Let me know what photo you have, what camera it was photographed with, what type of look you are considering for the image (look through my fine art photography gallery for examples and inspiration), and what size and finish you are considering. I will then contact you with instructions on how to electronically send me your digital file. Once the final price and size/finish of final piece is determined a deposit of 50% is due before work begins. Once I have an enhanced version ready to proof I will send you a digital copy. The remaining balance is due upon acceptance of the digital proof. Following payment one of my professional photo labs will print and ship the finished piece direct to you. Total turnaround time can vary from just a couple weeks to as many as 6 weeks depending on the amount of work needed and my travel schedule.

The prices listed - is that the final price I will pay or will it cost more? For many commissions that is the price you will pay. If extra work is needed at an extra cost like adding or removing objects or other intensive work I will let you know during our initial consultation once I have looked at your image. 

Will I receive the final full-resolution photo you created? You will receive a finished piece on your choice of canvas or aluminum, as well as a digital file sized appropriate for sharing on social networks. I will retain the full-resolution image in my archives should you ever need to have the image printed again.

Note that commissions are from your own personal photos that you took. If you desire a commission that was photographed from another photographer - say a wedding photographer - I would need a signed and dated release from that photographer allowing me to work on that specific image.