Other photo companies look for attention on heals of Adobe move to subscriptions

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On the heals of Adobe's announcement that they are moving all of their CS programs including Photoshop to CC versions that require a monthly subscription to be paid to continue to run the software and angering most photographers at the same time, other less known photo companies are starting to see the light and are trying to get noticed and let photographers know there is life without Adobe.

Adobe is still maintaining a stance that subscriptions are the only way they are moving forward despite polls and petitions wishing they would reconsider, yet they did try to reassure photographers who use Lightroom that it will continue as a stand-alone non-subscription program. According to Adobe Product Manager Tom Hogarty during a google+ hangout, "Basically we have no plans to make Lightroom subscription-only at any point in the future. We have plans to make Lightroom available in its current form pretty much indefinitely...we don't plan on adding any Creative Cloud specific features that you would only get if you were a subscriber to Creative Cloud."

This does go against what Adobe VP of Creative Solutions WInston Hendrickson said in an interview last week where he said, "We don't have plans to make Lightroom a subscription-only option but we do envision added functionality for CC members using Lightroom." Depending on whom you believe at Adobe there will either not be any CC specific features for Lightroom, or there will be added functionally for Lightroom for those using CC.

Adobe has taken some serious hits to its credibility in the last 10 days and many photographers, including myself, do not have the same level of trust or comfort with the company and are looking at alternatives.

Other photo software companies are starting to make it known that they offer great photo enhancement packages without subscription-only offerings.

Corel offers their professional-level graphics package CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 as a box purchase, electronic download, through volume license or by subscription in addition to other upgrade offerings. Unfortunately they are Windows only and are only now possibly contemplating a Mac version.

(photo credit Corel)


In fact, Corel has just announced a great offer trying to lure Adobe customers. According to Gerard Metrailer, the Sr. Director, Product Management, Graphics for Corel Corporation, "I’m happy to announce a special offer for CS4, CS5 and CS6 customers around the world (some restrictions apply). From now until August 30th, 2013, owners of eligible Adobe products can purchase a wide range of Corel products at the upgrade price, including CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6, Painter 12, PaintShop Pro X5, PaintShop Pro Ultimate X5, Photo & Video Suite X5, VideoStudio Pro X6, VideoStudio Ultimate X6 and AfterShot Pro." Here is the entire announcement. 


OnOne Software, makers of Photo Suite 7 which works as a plugin inside Photoshop and Elements AND works as a stand-alone program as well without the need for Photoshop and Lightroom, has said they, "Will never require you to rent your software, and you can rest assured that, when you buy onOne Software products, you own them forever."

And Phase One, which makes the excellent RAW converter and image management program Capture One, has mentioned on twitter, "Come for the transparent price model, stay for the raw conversion and image quality!"

Capture One is a program I was using to process my RAW files from the early 2000's till around 2007 when Lightroom 1.0 appeared on the scene. The benefit at the time for Lightroom and why I switched to it was the ability to easily manage and organize all of one's photographs. With Capture One Pro 7 Phase One has included the biggest missing part of their software and now features a database feature to store, organize, and process all of your images. 

The quality of RAW conversions from Capture One has always been stellar and I am now moving my Lightroom database over to Capture One. Expect more articles soon on how to switch from Lightroom as well as benefits and any drawbacks too.



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