On the road again

April 11, 2013  •  1 Comment

It is that time of the year again when I leave Arizona and head to my summer "home" in Santa Fe, NM. Actually when you are a full-time RV'er like me, home is wherever you park the RV and this will be my second summer parking it at a fellow artist's home there.

I left hot Scottsdale on Saturday and did the 530 mile drive in 2 days. But the stay was short lived. Two days later I was hitting the road again, this time with colleague Christine Hauber. I have 3 upcoming art festivals in Texas and she has one in Oklahoma and it made sense to travel together during the 5 weeks.

Snow - really?!?!

We left Santa Fe Wednesday morning following a huge cold front that produced snow flurries when we were leaving - a drastic difference from the upper 80's that Scottsdale was having just the other day. An uneventful 428 miles later we were overnighting in a truck stop parking lot in Snyder, TX.

Looks like a good place to pull in for the night.

Thursday's 309 miles to San Antonio unfortunately wasn't as uneventful as the previous day.

About 120 miles outside San Antonio on some single-lane road in limited cell coverage, all of a sudden we heard a loud noise. It sounded like someone was launching a bottle rocket firecracker right next to us. We both kind of ducked, and a moment later we heard it again. Were we under attack?? 

By the time I heard it a third time I knew it was coming from my engine. There wasn't a great place to pull over so I had to make do and stopped right alongside the road. After throwing a couple safety cones on the ground behind us I got under the hood to find the problem.

Here we go again...

It was a hole in the intercooler hose coming out of my turbo - phew - nothing major. A generous amount of duck tape and we were back on the road. On Monday I can pick up the $200 part and officially fix the problem - duck tape will only get you so far...

On Friday I set up for an art festival this weekend just north of San Antonio. I haven't had a chance yet to update my exhibition schedule, but here is a link for directions to the show if you are in the San Antonio, Texas area this weekend. It is at the Village at Stone Oak. My other 2 shows are just north of Dallas and I will have that updated on my exhibition schedule next week.



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You are one multi talented dude...congrats on your success...good luck at your shows too....
I couldn't fix my brakes so I make the horn louder....
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