Matt Suess: Blog en-us (C) (Matt Suess) Wed, 27 Nov 2013 05:23:00 GMT Wed, 27 Nov 2013 05:23:00 GMT Matt Suess: Blog 120 120 New photography blog location In order to best handle the growing needs of my website and the future direction it and my business is heading in, I have decided to go back to Wordpress for my photography blogging needs.

About a year and a half ago I stopped using Wordpress in favor of the newly released blog platform on Zenfolio - the excellent company that handles my online photo galleries and shopping cart.

Unfortunately Zenfolio never really seemed to put more time into improving the blog platform since it debuted. Text formatting was always a pain, there is no way to subscribe to comments, limited design options, problems with some code added for affiliates, no plugin support, and I was experiencing intermittent problems when flipping some stories from my RSS feed into Flipboard - an awesome iPad news app (also available for Android) that allows you to create magazines.

New, clean look of my photography blog

I would still recommend Zenfolio's blogs to the majority of users whose needs may not be as advanced as mine.

Rather than waste valuable time importing all the blog posts I created on Zenfolio into Wordpress, I have decided to start from scratch. The blog archives on Zenfolio will be located here:

Moving forward my photography blog can be found here:

Be sure to bookmark the new link! Expect to see on the blog more photography news, information, special offers on equipment, reviews, photo tips, and of course behind-the-scenes looks at me and my fine art photography.

I will also be using some user submitted content on the blog - if you would like to submit articles for consideration for publication on my photography blog contact me.

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New Nikon buy together & save promotion for September at B&H Photo For the entire month of September, B&H Photo is running a special promotion for NIkon gear. Starting September 1st and ending September 28th, 29 lenses, 2 flashes and 2 teleconverters will be available at deep discounts combined with camera purchases on 9 popular Nikon DSLR Camera Models including the D7100, D5200, D600, D7000, D3100, D3200, D5100, and the D800.

Click on the photos below to view the savings!



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"Harley Parking Only" - Arizona Coming across this old Harley Davidson motorcycle at a location that mainly features old cars and trucks was a great find.

I started enhancing this 3 photo HDR image by processing it first in Nik's HDR Efex Pro software. From there I used Silver Efex Pro to desaturate much of the background and edges to separate the bike a little bit from the background, leaving color in certain areas that I liked - such as "The Other Woman" truck in the background.


"Harley Parking Only"
(click on photo to view larger and to purchase photographs) 

I then used Color Efex Pro 4 software to bring out more detail, to add a slight vignette, and also to soften up some of the background a bit. Additional layer masking as well as dodging and burning in Photoshop.

Lastly, a very subtle photo texture from FlyPaper Textures was added to finish the look.


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Commissioned work special offer extended Wow it's been a great response so far to my newly announced photography commissions! It's a lot of fun enhancing your very own photographs and creating a completely unique fine art photograph for your enjoyment. 

So I decided that I am going to extend the special offer of 15% off I currently have in announcing these new commissions. Now through September 7th you can save 15% on my photo commissions (and enjoy free shipping)!

Here is a commission I just finished yesterday and sent it to my professional lab today to have printed on stunning aluminum. It was framed in a wood float frame with a 1/2" space between the frame and the print. The print will appear to be floating from within the frame.



The original customer's photograph is below. What I had to do was first bring back detail in the mountains. The sky was too overexposed so I blended in clouds from a photo from my own personal stock collection. Enhancements were then made to bring out color and contrast in the field of flowers. Some good old fashioned dodging and burning brought back detail in the trees. And lastly a slight crop adjustment and sharpening for an aluminum printout finished it off.


Take advantage of the rare opportunity to have a fine art photographer create a stunning commission from your very own photograph. Full details on my new photo commissions can be found here. Don't forget the 15% off special ends September 7, 2013!!



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Photo hardware and software specials 8/29 I've been notified of some new camera gear and software specials that I wanted to pass along to everyone.

B&H Photo let me know that Sony has a couple brand new new cameras that are now available for pre-order - the Alpha A3000 ($398) and the Alpha NEX-5T ($548) or with 16-50mm lens ($698).

You can read more about it and pre-order from B&H by clicking on the photos.

In addition Phase One has a special going on where you can save 20% on Capture One Pro software. Capture One Pro is what use to process RAW files instead of Lightroom. I thought this special was going to end on the 26th but looking at their website on Thursday the 29th the sale is still on. 



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"Somebody Cares" It was April and Christine Hauber and I were in-between exhibitions in Texas so we met up with one of our workshop students (Kathy) and we went out photographing in the Texas Hill Country.

Driving along some back roads we came upon an old schoolhouse. Inside, I was immediately drawn to this old piano and equally old songbook. This photograph is titled, "Somebody Cares" and it happens to be the title to the song.


"Somebody Cares"
Click on photo to view it larger and to purchase photo prints

The song is copyright 1910 by Homer A. Rodeheaver. On the web it may be hard to make out the words, so here they are (note that spelling is exactly as it appears in the songbook):

"Somebody knows when your heart aches, And evrything seems to go wrong;
Somebody cares when you're tempted, And your mind grows dizzy and dim;
Somebody loves you when weary; Somebody loves you when strong;

Somebody knows when the shadows Need chasing away with a song;
Somebody cares when your weakest, And farthest away from Him;
Always is waiting to help you, He watches you one of the throng

Somebody knows when you're lonely, Tired... (page torn - can't make out rest of words)
Somebody grieves when you're fallen, You are...(page torn)
Needing His friendship so holy, Needing...(page torn)

Somebody wants you to know Him, And know that He...(page torn)
Somebody waits for your coming, And He'll drive...(page torn)
His name? We call His name Jesus; He loves...(page torn)"


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Commissions from your own photos Introducing commissioned work from your very own photos
by artist Matt Suess.

You can now have your favorite photo - the one you took while on vacation, the one of your restored car, or the one you happened to take when the light was perfect in your own backyard - and have them "Suessified" and enhanced by me in my digital darkroom and printed on your choice of fine art canvas or striking aluminum.

Imagine how great it would have been if you could have had one of your favorite personal photos printed for you by an expert & master such as Ansel Adams or other favorite fine art photographer. The quality of the print and attention to detail would be unlike anything you could do on your own and the resulting piece would be priceless!!

Now you can have me creatively enhance, optimize, and perfect your own photos. I will then have them printed on canvas or aluminum and shipped to you free of charge using the same labs I use for my own fine art photography.

Click here for more information including pricing.

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Santa Fe Indian Market this weekend This weekend is one of the busiest times in Santa Fe with the Indian Market.

If you are going to be in town you can view my fine art photography on Saturday. 

I will be exhibiting with the Santa Fe Artists Market. We are located across the street from the Santa Fe Farmers Market - just a couple miles from the Plaza. Click here for directions.

August 17, 2013

Saturday, 8am - 1pm

Santa Fe Artists Market






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New photo from Zion behind the scenes look Here is a behind-the-scenes look at a new photograph I an working on. It was photographed last November in the Narrows at Zion National Park. 

You are looking at a screen shot of the image as I am processing the RAW file in Capture One Pro 7 - an excellent Lightroom replacement that I prefer.
The red you see is the result of an adjustment layer I am able to do in Capture One while processing the RAW. I painted in the red layer mask so that I can control the exposure, contrast, brightness and saturation just in the area in red. In this particular case I needed to brighten that area up a little bit and add some more contrast.
Once I am satisfied with the results in Capture One I will then further enhance and bring to life the image in Perfect Photo Suite from onOne software.
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Exhibition in Santa Fe this 4th of July weekend next to the Plaza View and purchase my fine art photography in person this weekend - July 6 & 7 - in Santa Fe, NM next to the famous Santa Fe Plaza.

Details are as follows:

Santa Fe Artists Market at Cathedral Park


Santa Fe, NM

I will be at Cathedral Park in downtown Santa Fe just next to the Plaza.

Click here for directions.

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Improving skies in your photographs with onOne's Perfect Photo Suite A few weeks ago onOne Software, the makers of the great photo software Perfect Photo Suite, published on their blog an article I wrote for them on how to improve the skies in your photographs using some of the tools inside Perfect Photo Suite 7.5

You can read the blog post in it's entirety here.


To continue reading follow here

Perfect Photo Suite is something we will be teaching during our Santa Fe Digital Darkroom Boot Camp 2013 Photo Workshop. Click here for details.

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Photographing a Double Rainbow in Santa Fe Earlier this week Christine Hauber and I moved our RV's to a new spot for the summer in south Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is a huge dirt lot on private property. 

There were times it was actually difficult to see my truck during this dust storm.

It is windy, and dusty and dirty!

The first day here after spending all day moving we finally had a chance to sit down. Not 5 minutes later we got hit with a big dust storm. I measured a peak wind speed of 34mph. So much for the carpets we laid out - they were almost buried in dirt.

Double Rainbow just south of downtown Santa Fe
(Click on photo to view larger and to purchase prints)


But the view can be simply amazing!

The last few days we have had a few late afternoon storms roll by and with it there was some absolutely incredible light.

I only had moments to photograph while the light was at its most intense. No time to grab a tripod, I carefully braced the camera on the top of Christine's car and fired away - right outside our RV's. Talk about having the light come to you!

In the photo above I had to keep wiping my lens in-between frames as it was sprinkling at the time I photographed it.


"A Horse Stable Under the Rainbow"
Santa Fe, NM
(Click on photo to view larger and to purchase prints)

After I photographed the entire double rainbow I then focused on the horse stable. It was photographed with a 70-200mm f2.8 lens, hand-brased on the top of a car, with a shutter speed of 0.5 seconds. It was the only sharp image I had with the horses visible, and the lighting was perfect.

I will gladly sacrifice all of the dirt and wind for this amazing light! Would you?


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"Lassos Paired" How I photographed and edited this image from Texas In April Christine Hauber and I had the opportunity (Thanks Kathy!!) to photograph on a private ranch in the heart of the Texas Hill Country for a couple hours and that is where I photographed my newest release titled, "Lassos Paired".

"Lassos Paired"

Texas Hill Country
(Click on photo to view larger and to purchase prints)


We arrived in the dark a little before sunrise and the weather was not being very cooperative as it was windy and raining. So we waited a while in the barn as the sky lightened from sunrise and we looked at the radar on my iPad to confirm that the morning's shoot was going to be a washout. 

When the weather isn't cooperating, trips like these basically end up as scouting trips to plan for something in the future. Before we headed out scouting the property I paused to photograph this pair of lassos hanging on horseshoe hooks inside the barn.

The only light I had was a little bit of ambient light coming in from outside the barn as well as light from one lightbulb inside the barn. I put my camera on my tripod and started taking exposure readings. This was photographed at ISO 200 at f10 with a shutter speed of 8 seconds.



In the photo above we are looking at the RAW file as-is with no adjustments made inside of Capture One Pro (what I replaced Lightroom with). This is exactly how the camera captured it, but far from the vision I had with this image. This was going to need quite a bit of work to get the look I was after.

If you look closely you can notice the top of the photo is a little warmer due to the light from the overhead lightbulb. You can also see the outside ambiant light filtering in from the lower right hand side. I am not concerned about this as I will be converting it soon to sepia and we won't notice the different light sources any more.



The photo above shows some of the adjustments I made to the RAW file inside of Capture One. It was converted into a slightly toned black and white image. The photo was cropped and then exported just like this from Capture One. On to the next step.



I next brought the image into Silver Efex Pro 2 where I converted the image into a warm sepia color. This gave me the foundation I needed to start completing the look for this image.



Next up was a stop in onOne's Perfect Photo Suite to start bringing this image to life and give it some energy. Using a combination of a few different effects in Perfect Effects brought me to just about where I needed to be with this image. (Note there is a FREE, basic version of Perfect Effects you can download and use that comes with over 70 effects.)

I finished the image with a layers adjustment and some dodging and burning in Photoshop - something that I also could have accomplished in Perfect Photo Suite.

After all of those steps I arrived at the photo I had in mind when I first photographed it. Scroll back up this post to the original and final versions again to view the big difference between how the camera captured the image and what I had in mind for it. A perfect example of how boring a straight out-of-camera, non-enhanced photo can look compared to a fully enhanced one.



Try it FREE for 30 days!!

Try onOne's Perfect Photo Suite 7.5 FREE for 30 days!! They make great photo enhancing software that I personally use in my fine art photography.

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OnOne Software updates Perfect Photo Suite to version 7.5 Yesterday OnOne Software released the 7.5 update to their Perfect Photo Suite. The update is free for all Suite 7.x owners including the Premium Edition, the Lightroom & Aperture Edition, as well as their Standard Edition.

The 7.5 update includes a new Quick View Browser, refinements to the Perfect Brush, and compatibility for Lightroom 5.

The Quick View Browser is a welcome addition. With it we can now browse photos and effects in a full-screen gallery view. No more looking at tiny thumbnail images when looking for photos on the harddrive or seeing what effects look like before applying them.

The new browser while viewing in the Perfect Layers module.


While in the Perfect Effects module, click on the new icon to the right of the effect you want to see to view effects in a full-screen gallery view as seen below using an example from the Vintage effects. 


In addition to the new Browser, refinements to the Perfect Brush make this tool even more impressive. For starters the brush size of Perfect Brush was increased from 500 pixels to 2500 pixels.

But the most impressive feature of Perfect Brush is that it can now automatically detect and protect edges using color sampling. This makes quick work out of replacing, say, the sky in a background.

To explain how this works better, lets take a look at a photograph of an old truck in Wyoming photographed with a boring clear blue sky.

When I photographed this I did not have the good fortune of having an interesting sky. I like the composition of the truck and barn, but this photo needs something in the sky to give more interest.


What I would like to do is add some clouds to the background. While working in the Layers module I selected "Extras" and then looked for an appropriate cloud pattern from the Background choices I had in the Extras folder.


Clicking on a cloud photo I liked added it to a new layer. I quickly resized the cloud layer to overlap the sky in my original photo.

Once I had the placement correct I then moved the cloud layer below the original photo layer. This will allow me to paint in the clouds to the original photo.



Using the Masking Brush tool I then started painting in the cloud layer, staying clear of the trees, the horizon, and the barn. I stopped short of the barn and trees because if I didn't, the cloud layer would erase the tree. What I need to do now is use the Perfect Brush to complete the addition of the cloud background.



FIrst click on the Perfect Brush checkbox to select it.

Then, start painting near your edge and hold the Command key on a Mac or Control key on a Windows and continue painting up to the edges of the barn, the trees, etc. The Perfect Brush works by sampling the color underneath the center of it. While holding down the Command/Control key while painting, the Perfect Brush uses the color sample from the moment you hold the Command/Control key, allowing you to paint in the cloud background right up to the edges of the barn, the horizon, in addition to in-between branches and leaves of the tree.

The Perfect Brush in action, keeping the edges of the barn clean.

The Perfect Brush takes care of complicated layer masks and does this for you automatically and extremely accurately, assuming that the color you are sampling from is different enough from the edges you wish to protect.

Here is a view of the layer mask that Perfect Brush created - pretty impressive especially with the tree.

Once I was happy with the addition of the cloud background I then used Perfect Effects for some further enhancing and Perfect Resize to increase the size of the image.

"Wyoming Truck & Clouds"
A Suess Original One-of-a-Kind Print

OnOne's Perfect Photo Suite comes in three versions depending on your workflow, and as of right now for a limited time if you own any Nik Software plugin you can purchase the entire Suite for the half-off price of $149.95.


Try it FREE for 30 days!!

Try onOne's Perfect Photo Suite 7.5 FREE for 30 days!! They make great photo enhancing software that I personally use in my fine art photography.


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Other photo companies look for attention on heals of Adobe move to subscriptions On the heals of Adobe's announcement that they are moving all of their CS programs including Photoshop to CC versions that require a monthly subscription to be paid to continue to run the software and angering most photographers at the same time, other less known photo companies are starting to see the light and are trying to get noticed and let photographers know there is life without Adobe.

Adobe is still maintaining a stance that subscriptions are the only way they are moving forward despite polls and petitions wishing they would reconsider, yet they did try to reassure photographers who use Lightroom that it will continue as a stand-alone non-subscription program. According to Adobe Product Manager Tom Hogarty during a google+ hangout, "Basically we have no plans to make Lightroom subscription-only at any point in the future. We have plans to make Lightroom available in its current form pretty much indefinitely...we don't plan on adding any Creative Cloud specific features that you would only get if you were a subscriber to Creative Cloud."

This does go against what Adobe VP of Creative Solutions WInston Hendrickson said in an interview last week where he said, "We don't have plans to make Lightroom a subscription-only option but we do envision added functionality for CC members using Lightroom." Depending on whom you believe at Adobe there will either not be any CC specific features for Lightroom, or there will be added functionally for Lightroom for those using CC.

Adobe has taken some serious hits to its credibility in the last 10 days and many photographers, including myself, do not have the same level of trust or comfort with the company and are looking at alternatives.

Other photo software companies are starting to make it known that they offer great photo enhancement packages without subscription-only offerings.

Corel offers their professional-level graphics package CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 as a box purchase, electronic download, through volume license or by subscription in addition to other upgrade offerings. Unfortunately they are Windows only and are only now possibly contemplating a Mac version.

(photo credit Corel)


In fact, Corel has just announced a great offer trying to lure Adobe customers. According to Gerard Metrailer, the Sr. Director, Product Management, Graphics for Corel Corporation, "I’m happy to announce a special offer for CS4, CS5 and CS6 customers around the world (some restrictions apply). From now until August 30th, 2013, owners of eligible Adobe products can purchase a wide range of Corel products at the upgrade price, including CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6, Painter 12, PaintShop Pro X5, PaintShop Pro Ultimate X5, Photo & Video Suite X5, VideoStudio Pro X6, VideoStudio Ultimate X6 and AfterShot Pro." Here is the entire announcement. 


OnOne Software, makers of Photo Suite 7 which works as a plugin inside Photoshop and Elements AND works as a stand-alone program as well without the need for Photoshop and Lightroom, has said they, "Will never require you to rent your software, and you can rest assured that, when you buy onOne Software products, you own them forever."

And Phase One, which makes the excellent RAW converter and image management program Capture One, has mentioned on twitter, "Come for the transparent price model, stay for the raw conversion and image quality!"

Capture One is a program I was using to process my RAW files from the early 2000's till around 2007 when Lightroom 1.0 appeared on the scene. The benefit at the time for Lightroom and why I switched to it was the ability to easily manage and organize all of one's photographs. With Capture One Pro 7 Phase One has included the biggest missing part of their software and now features a database feature to store, organize, and process all of your images. 

The quality of RAW conversions from Capture One has always been stellar and I am now moving my Lightroom database over to Capture One. Expect more articles soon on how to switch from Lightroom as well as benefits and any drawbacks too.


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Reminder last Texas art festival for me is this weekend Just a reminder that this weekend will be my last showing in Texas for 2013. You can find me in Allen, TX which is just north of Dallas. Here are the details:


May 10-12, 2013

Fridayd 3-6pm, Saturday 10-6pm, Sunday noon - 6pm

Allen Arts Alliance Arts Festival








Allen, TX

Join me on my return to the Allen Arts Alliance Arts Festival at Watters Creek in Allen, Texas.

Click for directions.

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Adobe changes to subscription-only for Photoshop, angers photo community In case you missed the big news of the week in the photography community, Adobe on Monday announced that they will stop offering boxed versions of their software, including Photoshop, and all future releases will be available on a subscription basis. They are ending their Creative Suite CS product line and replacing it with a Creative Cloud CC offering.

Gone are the days of purchasing stand-alone versions of the software as well as paying for upgrades every 18 months or so. Replacing it are monthly subscription fees. Depending on how many of Adobe products you use, and how often you upgrade, this can at least financially seem like a good or a bad deal. 

This CC policy effects the newest version of Photoshop that everyone was expecting to be CS7. The soon to be released Lightroom 5 will not be effected right away and will be available both in CC and stand alone versions. However I have read that the CC version of Lightroom will eventually have features not offered in the stand-alone version.

For me personally I only use Photoshop and Lightroom and I am not very pleased with this sudden change of course. I am not even using CS6 and am still on CS5. Myself, like many photographers, usually end up skipping an upgrade here and there because, to be quite honest, sometimes the upgrades are not all that worth it. This is probably part of the reason Adobe is switching to a subscription model - to get constant revenue from everyone instead of revenue in big batches when updates come out.

If you are like me and don't update every release, the subscription plan will cost us more money.

If you are only interested in subscribing to Photoshop and own version CS3 or later and subscribe before July 31st you will be charged a special rate of $9.99 a month for the first year with a 1 year contract. If you subscribe after July 31st it is $19.99 - again with a 1 year contract.

Adobe typically upgraded Photoshop every 18 months, and their last upgrade cost $199. If you subscribe for $19.99 a month, over the course of 18 months you will end up paying $359.82 - a $160.82 increase over the course of 18 months. If you subscribe before July 31 for $9.99 a month you will end up paying $179.82 - slightly less than the upgrade price. Note that this is only for Photoshop and as far as I can tell, the Lightroom CC version will be extra.

To sum it up - if you already own Photoshop and get stuck on the $19.99 a month plan, you will be paying more than you did before. If you get in at the $9.99 per month plan before July 31 and always upgraded before when the next version came out, you will pay slightly less than you did for the 1 year contract. I am still not clear as to what happens when your year is up as to wether you can continue on paying $9.99 a month or you will be forced to pay $19.99 per month. My guess is that after the 1 year contract Adobe can do whatever it wants to.

Outside of cost there are other reasons why I don't like this plan. If you stop your subscription you can not use the software. Photoshop will phone-home every 30 days to check your subscription status. Don't pay, and you can't use the software anymore. Nor would you be able to open any Photoshop propriety files on your computer - a very dangerous proposal. This is the same for all of the programs in the CC suite.

A much better plan Adobe easily could have implemented would be to subscribe monthly for updates, and if you decide not to continue your subscription you could continue to use the software minus the updates, allowing you to continue working on your files. What it appears is that Adobe wants to get you hooked and maintain a constant revenue stream from its users.

There are other problems with this model. What incentive do they have to constantly innovate when they are already getting large sums of cash each month? In the old model they had to make upgrades compelling for us to buy (which wasn't always the case). Now locked into a monthly payment they can take a step back and count the dollars rolling in by pushing little updates here and there.

And how much more can they innovate? Digital photography has progressed so far already, is there much more room in the future for ground-breaking ways to enhance our photos? 

As for CS6 - Adobe said it is currently still available for purchase for now (although I can not now find how to purchase it online at their site), but it will not be supported anymore. Photoshop Elements is not part of the CC suite and it is assumed at this point that it will still be produced as a stand-alone - but for how long?

Adobe and Photoshop have long been industry leaders. I have been using Photoshop since it came out, and I am not happy with this new policy. They have a monopoly and it appears they are now flexing their muscles despite the wishes of its photographer customers. The first post of this on brought almost 1700 comments in 24hrs - almost all not in support of this. A poll started yesterday shows that 60.2% of 4,732 votes do not like this because of repeatedly having to pay for access. Even Microsoft is surprised at Adobe and said they will continue to offer packaged software for the foreseeable future.

My hope is that other photography companies will see this as an opportunity and really start to innovate and compete more directly with Adobe and Photoshop. Just because Photoshop is the big goliath in the photo world doesn't mean it is the only player. There are a number of decent alternatives already and I expect those to get better. I will soon start mentioning them in the near future.

So what do you think? Are you in favor of this subscription/rental model? Do you plan on subscribing? Is it a good or bad value for your photography business or hobby? Sound off in the comments below.


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Special of the Month for May 2013 Special of the Month for May 2013

For the entire month of May you can invest in one of my 24" x 36" fine art giclee canvas pieces for just $820 - a $175 savings from my regular price of $995.


Select your favorite photo(s) from my Fine Art Photography Gallery  to be printed onto a museum-grade canvas which is then coated with a glossy UV blocking coating and stretched onto your choice of 1.5" or 2.5" wide wooden stretcher bars. 


Also enjoy free worldwide shipping with your order!
This special is good towards any photo in my Fine Art Photography Gallery (excluding my Suess Originals).



*Find out how the photo will look on your wall before ordering! Click here for more info.

To order you can call me at 480-818-9566 or easily place your order safe and securely online by following these simple instructions:

Click on "Buy" then "Select Product"

Choose the category "Special Offers" then follow the onscreen instructions.

Delivery times can range from 7-10 days. Photos in this Edition are digitally signed & numbered and shipped direct from my lab to you insured with a tracking number.

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Updated show schedule with art festivals in TX coming up I have started to update my summer exhibition schedule. This summer I will be showing and selling my fine art photography in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.

Last summer at the Utah Arts Festival which I will be returning to this summer.


If you are in the area I'd love to see you at one of these art festivals to show you first hand how fantastic my aluminum photographs look and for us to talk about which pieces would look great for your home and/or office. I can also answer any questions you have and sign you up for one of my upcoming photo workshops.

Coming up next are art festivals in the Dallas, TX area the first 2 weekends in May. See my exhibition schedule here and be sure to check back often as more festivals wil soon be added to it.

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Show me your bare walls Show me your bare walls to see what I can do to make your room more beautiful and enjoyable with my fine art photography!

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"
Pablo Picasso

Everyone needs art in their lives. As George Bernard Shaw once said, "Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable."

Many of us have bare walls just waiting for that perfect photograph to bring pleasure into your home or office. Or perhaps there is something already hanging on the wall as a placeholder, waiting for the perfect artwork to replace it.

Well the wait is over. Transform that bare wall into a gorgeous presentation that will be the envy of all who see it.



Email me a photograph of your bare wall and I will email you back a size accurate rendition of how your favorite photo(s) of mine will look on your wall. There is absolutely no cost or obligation for this free service!

Sometimes investing in artwork can be challenging. Will the size be big enough? Does the artwork match the couch? Should I get one large photograph to fill a huge wall space or will a photo cluster be more dramatic looking?

"A picture is a poem without words."

Take the guesswork out of the equation and let me show you exactly how my photography will look in your room or office.



Just follow these simple instructions:

1) Make sure the room is bright. Try taking the photo during the day, with the lights on.

2) If at all possible photograph the wall straight-on and not from an angle.

3) Attach a standard white 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper on the wall where you want the artwork to go. This gives me a size reference I can use to size the artwork accurately.

4) When photographing stand far enough back to see the floor and ceiling if possible.

5) By using your smartphone's camera you can then quickly email me the photograph.

6) In your email let me know which photo(s) you are interested in, if you are looking for just one photo or a photo cluster, and approx. what size you were thinking of.

7) Email me the photo and I'll send it back to you with a size accurate rendition of how the photo will look on your wall.



Once I receive your email I will superimpose the photo(s) you are considering and email it back to you with pricing and any creative suggestions I may have to give you the perfect look for your room.


When one photo just won't do a photo cluster like this can certainly bring attention to almost any room!


"What art offers is space - a certain breathing room for the spirit."
John Updike


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